Top Quality UV Printing on Phone Cases and More Surfaces

Top Quality UV Printing on Phone Cases and More Surfaces

(Jucolor provides high quality UV printing solutions to meet different customer needs.

There is a huge demand for personalized phone cases. Many people are eager to have customized covers with images printed on them. Jucolor offers a UV printing machine for phone cases to satisfy the increasing demand. The company has a UV printer made for acrylic, which can be used for DIY printing or to fulfill the needs of customers who need printing on other media.

This UV printer can print on both soft and hard surfaces. Printing on phone cases is a great option for those who want to print on a variety of surfaces.

The Acrylic trophic printer It is made from strong aluminum alloy and ensures stable printing. It is small and compact. The vacuum platform system improves the printer’s print quality.

The Top Features of Acrylic Trophy Printer:

High-Precision Printing: The printer is small and compact, making it easy to transport or use in any location. The printer is well-known for its high-quality, high-precision printing services. It is made of an aluminum alloy machine structure which makes it very sturdy. It is known for being extremely durable and can be expected to last a very long time.

Automatic Height Detection The UV printer for acrylic It is equipped with an Infrared Sensor that automatically detects height to measure the thickness of the media. This makes it possible to adjust the height automatically. It has an anti-collision function.

Auto cleaning: Many people worry about cleaning. This printer is known for its auto-cleaning feature, which means the user doesn’t have to devote additional time or effort to cleaning the printer. The printer has a self-cleaning function that makes it easy to maintain.

Buyers who have used this printer are very happy with the high-quality prints and the excellent customer service. Contact us if you are interested to learn more about the printer. UV printer machine.

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