WTTB launches personalised chocolate offering

Where The Trade Buys (WTTB) has added chocolate products from Tony’s Chocolonely to its personalised B2B print offering.

The company offers custom-printed chocolate products, including bars and advent calendars.

The bars, intended for corporate giveaways and gifting, are produced by fairtrade and sustainable chocolatier Tony’s Chocolonely, before being wrapped in custom-printed wrappers at WTTB. 

Tony’s has agreed to likewise supply WTTB’s sister company, Precision Proco, for the consumer market.

Emma Thompson, WTTB’s marketing director, told Printweek that while, the advent calendars would soon stop production until next year, both items had cemented their place on the firm’s product sheet.

“It’s thick heavy chocolate, really nice actually, and suitable for vegetarians. It’s a great choice.”

The nine-flavor chocolate is wrapped in plastic-free packaging made on an HP Indigo. The calendar comes in a custom-printed, 480gsm wide-format sleeve that is printed on an Agfa Jeti TauroUV LED printer.

Louise Stephenson, managing director of WTTB, said: “These bars are a really cost-effective way of creating brand awareness, allowing individuals and companies to create their own wrapper which will be a great talking point.

“As well as being delicious chocolate, Tony’s Chocolonely has so much to recommend it and it will be a great addition to our existing range of merchandise.”

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