DIY Halloween Costumes With Next Level Apparel

It’s downright spooky how close we are to October 31st. Not to worry; we’ve got some very creative and easy costume ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You only need to have a little imagination and some ASI Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) t-shirts. We’ll keep this one short so you and your clients can get right down to the fun of making DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to put a smile on everyone”s faces … and maybe even win the best costume prize at the party! NLA is “Ready to Inspire” so they were happy to share their creative ideas with us for inspiration.


Pac-Man apparel

This one’s going to require a team of five besties to get the idea across, but imagine how much fun you’ll have traveling in a pack (no pun intended)! NLA’s T-Shirt made of 100% cotton (3600) is preferred by printers for discharge, DTG (direct-to-garment) printing, heat transfer and screen printing and it’s made from 100% ring-spun cotton. Banana Cream is the perfect color for the leader of the pack, our “PacMan”, with the addition of a black dot for the eye and black triangle for the mouth. The look can be completed by the rest of the team in Light Pink, Red and Turquoise. Pro Tip: It’s recommended to wear a couple of sizes larger than your normal size for a fun, playful look.

What You Really Need

  • NLA Styles T-Shirt made of 100% cotton (3600) Available in the colors Banana Cream and Light Pink, as well as Red, Turquoise and Classic Orange
  • Recommendation Printing Method: DTF (directly-to-fabric), DTG, direct-to-garment (directly-to-garment), heat-transfer or screen printing
  • Other supplies are required: Black and White Ink and Scissors 

Firefighter & Dalmatian:

Firefighter and dalmation apparel

Here’s a playful idea for couples or a pair of pals – plus it’s a good excuse to buy that firefighter’s helmet you’ve always dreamed about! 

Let’s start with the Dalmatian. Style is the key to this costume Unisex Cotton Long-Body T-Shirt (3602) This will work (and most likely get you the treat), in white with black dots printed on it. To get the best look, size up. Add some cute accessories such as white knee socks with black spots and cute floppy ears made with a plastic band, black and white felt, and glue from your craft shop.

For the firefighter, we recommend NLA’s Unisex CVC T-Shirt (6210) In black, made of 60% combed ringspun cotton and paired with the super comfy Unisex Fleece Sweatpants (9803) Black. Red suspenders and the iconic red helmet will make you a great Halloween fireman!

What You Really Need

 Mario & Luigi

Gamers, here’s one for you. Whether worn by kids or kids at heart, this one is super easy with help from NLA’s Youth Cotton T-Shirt (3310) in colors Red and Kelly Green or, for the adults, NLA’s Unisex Cotton T-Shirt (3600). In Kelly Green or Red Print the circular “L” and “M” logos in white and then just add suspenders; preferably in blue, your favorite pair of pants and your choice of red or green headwear. A baseball cap embroidered with white circles and the letters “M” and “L” would be the perfect way to cap things off!

What You Really Need

Netflix & Chill

This costume is always a big hit. After all, who isn’t guilty on binging their favorite shows? We recommend NLA’s Unisex CVC Long Sleeve T-Shirt (6211). Available in Red and Royal. Clients will love that it’s made from 60% combed ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester. Make sure to size way up to create that “sleep shirt” look. As for decoration, on the red 6211, print the word “Netflix” in white, and on the Royal 6211, the word “Chill” in white with light blue and white snowflakes around it to communicate a “chilly” vibe! Accessorize however you’d like with sporty tennis shoes or slippers (Netlix), and maybe some fun boots or furry slippers (chill).

What You Really Need

  • NLA Styles Unisex CVC Long Sleeve T-Shirt (6211). Red and Royal
  • Recommendation Printing Method: DTF (directly-to-fabric), DTG(direct-to–garment), heat-transfer or screen printing
  • Other supplies are required: Ink in white and blue, fuzzy slippers or boots, or your favorite pair if comfortable footwear

That’s it! Let this be your Halloween filled with cozy, warm clothing and all the treats and tricks you want.

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