Caller-Times moves printing operations to Houston

Without their printing presses, many smaller newspapers have to seek out outside solutions in order to get their papers to the community.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — After more than 100 years —  The Caller-Times’ printing press will go silent.

Without it, many smaller newspapers will have to look for other solutions to get their paper in the hands of their readers. 

With the press closing down, smaller newspapers will be unable to meet their deadlines. The Island Moon was one local paper that had to search for a new printer.

Dale Rankin (publisher of Island Moon) stated that he was searching for a printer six-months ago.

“For the past ten year, I used to just drive down to The Caller-Times every Thursday morning and load the papers into my truck. Then, we would drive them up to The Island to distribute them. He said, “Now I have to drive to Kingsville.” “In this area, you have two options: go to the valley or to San Antonio/Austin. This is where the printers are right now. Then, the issue is transportation costs.  

Transport costs for printing companies could range from 50 cents to one penny per mile. Publishers could also charge this amount. 

“As printers moved to digital, the smaller printers back ten year ago spent about $800,000. To upgrade the analog presses and transform the entire production chain digital. The smaller papers couldn’t afford that so they started closing down.  

In recent years, the newspaper industry has gone digital. 3NEWS was provided with a statement by Gannett Inc., The Caller-Times parent company. It stated that:

As our business becomes increasingly digital and subscription-focused, newspaper printing partnerships have become standard. We are taking strategic decisions to ensure the future success of local journalism as well as continue to provide exceptional service to the community.

His deadlines for Rankin remain the same.

“I was lucky to find a McAllen printer that is good. I can pick it up in Kingsville. My only difference is that my printed product will now be available Friday. Instead of driving to Kingsville, I drive to the Caller-Times.

The Caller-Times is moving their printing operations from New York to Houston. Their printing facility will close Tuesday, February 28, 2008.

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