Capture the Luxurious Look of Wood, Marble, and Stone Surfaces

Digital imaging on glass has quickly become a preferred option to natural wood, marble, and stone, which are all highly sought after building materials. When it comes to luxurious building facades and interior design applications, Alice® Direct-to-Glass Printing can elevate any design aesthetic by adding a touch of sophistication and without the high cost, porosity and maintenance that come with using traditional raw materials.

Pioneered in North America by GGI, Alice® Direct-to-Glass Printing is a wonderfully versatile solution that can mimic a wide variety of raw materials, or it can be used to create unique artwork designs. Designers and architects have unlimited design options.

With the help of digital printing technology and ceramic frit, artwork is printed on glass. It is then tempered—fusing the ceramic ink into the glass for a permanent and color fast solution that can be utilized for exterior or interior application: monolithic, laminated or insulated.

Custom or standard artwork designs can be customized by scale, color and opacity. This includes large format printing.
Altogether, Alice® Direct-to-Glass Printing provides a durable, easy-to-clean solution, and at a fraction of the cost of natural wood, marble, or stone.

Learn more about Alice® by exploring our Inspiration Gallery.

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