Epson To End the Sale and Distribution of Laser Printer

Japanese electronics printer maker Epson announced that it will cease the sale and distribution laser printer hardware in 2026. The company cited sustainability concerns. A report: According to the company inkjets are more likely than laser printers that they can make “meaningful advancements” in the environment. While the company has already stopped laser printer sales in some markets, it continued to sell in Asia and Europe. Epson stated that even though new hardware will not be available everywhere, it would continue to provide support for consumers with consumables as well as spare parts.

“As an organization, we are totally committed to sustainable innovation. Inkjets simply consume less energy and have fewer consumable parts,” Koichi Kubota, Epson’s sales and marketing manager said in a canned statement. Epson’s Heat Free inkjet technology uses mechanical energy to ignite ink onto a page. Laser printers heat and fuse toner to a page.

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