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HID offers options to enhance security on physical cards

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Isaac Young, VP & Head of Desktop for Secure Issuance, HID

Isaac Young, VP & Head of Desktop for Secure Issuance, HID

Senior officials said that, while digital identity will continue to grow, the physical form of many identities, in particular those used by government, remains relevant.

“As we continue to leverage physical cards, there are additional steps that we absolutely recommend — things like holograms or micro print kiosk patterns, a lot of the same ways that we project banknotes and such those same principles can be applied to identities. So, then you’ve got a nice balance between data security and visual security,” Isaac Young, VP & Head of Desktop for Secure Issuance, HID, told Khaleej Times in an interview on the sidelines on Gitex Global 2023 in Dubai.

The world’s leading provider of trusted identity solutions is showcasing its latest innovations in secure identity issuance and identity management at Gitex under the theme, “Secure, Sustainable, Future-proof Solutions”.

At Gitex, HID is displaying HID Fargo Connect — the industry’s first cloud-native card issuance platform — paired with card printing innovations such as the HID Fargo HDP6600 retransfer card printer and the DTC1500 direct-to-card printer — to demonstrate how the solution simplifies card issuance while increasing security. The company also introduced its HID Element UV Ink Printer and Laser Engraver card personalization solutions — specifically designed to meet the high-volume and high-security requirements of large organizations such as government entities and financial institutions.

Experts from the company also explain how HID PIAM solutions (physical identity access management) reduce costs and risks related to onboarding, badges, visitor management, compliance, and access management.

Through exhibited products, HID will demonstrate its dedication to developing more sustainable solutions and how product lifecycle and environmental impact considerations are central to the design of every HID solution — many of which are GreenCircle® Certified for their energy-saving and other eco-friendly attributes.

With the proliferation of mobile devices ever on the rise, HID is demonstrating how its cloud solutions provide new ways to manage identities and support new form factors such as smartphones and wearables — thus inherently future-proofing ID issuance and management for years to come.

“Security and sustainability are in our DNA,” said Andrew Munnik, Segment Director, MEA, HID. “As we unveil our latest innovations at Gitex, HID will demonstrate how we continue to lead the way in providing secure, sustainable and future-proof solutions — ensuring today’s security and technology professionals have the tools they need to create safer and more eco-friendly work environments both now and as the world moves toward a more digital future.”

HID is working to create an eco-system that will enable and allow choices in the future. “So if you want a physical or you want a mobile identity, we can help you issue either one of them. So for us that becomes very important, and they continue to focus on cards, card printers passwords,” Young said.

HID strives to create products that are environmentally friendly. “We are think about how can we make our products more environmentally friendly, going all the way back to the design and the manufacturing of the product. We have installed solar panels on our factories so that we can reduce our carbon footprint, and also making things out of materials that can be recycled so that the machine doesn’t end up in a landfill and then trying to make sure that we design machines that last a very long time have a long serviceable life, so that you’re not just continually replacing,” Young said.

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