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Shenzhen ChuanShengDa Technology Co., Ltd., a leading high-tech company, has launched the ERASMART® A600 DTF printer. The A600 DTF printer will revolutionize desktop printing with its dual XP600 printing heads for high-speed prints and advanced features, such as independent film control and white ink circulatory system. The product provides an unmatched printing solution by combining advanced technology with user-friendliness and high-quality prints.

China, 24th Jul 2023 – Shenzhen ChuanShengDa Technology Co., Ltd. unveiled its Dual XP600 printhead, high-speed A600 Direct to film Printer

SHENZHEN, CHINA — Shenzhen ChuanShengDa Technology Co., Ltd., a leader in the desktop printer technology, is thrilled to announce the latest addition to their ERASMART product line: the 17″ Dual Heads A600 Direct to Film Printing Pet Film Printer Machine. This 60cm DTF printer is designed for T-shirt printing and combines advanced technology with high-quality manufacturing. It also features dual XP600 Printheads to increase speed.

A600DTF’s dual XP600-printheads allow for simultaneous white and color printing. This innovative functionality boosts print speed, maximizes efficiency and ensures superior prints.

The A600DTF’s technical specifications include:

– Dual XP600 print heads for simultaneous white and color printing
– Print resolution up to 1440 dpi for lifelike quality
– A print speed of up to 100 sq.ft/hour
– Compatibility with both roll and sheet transfer paper
– An automatic circulation and stirring system for white ink that prevents clogs
– A built-in heating system for pre-heating transfer paper
– Easy file printing from a USB drive or connected computer

“Our new wide-format A600DTF printer provides a cost-effective solution for businesses to produce high-quality transfers for t-shirt decoration,” said a spokesperson for Shenzhen ChuanShengDa Technology Co., Ltd. “With its integrated features that save labor, prevent downtime, and generate vibrant prints, this printer enhances direct-to-film printing for garment decorators.”

The A600DTF delivers high-resolution printing with minimal color distortion while maintaining vivid and accurate image reproduction. Micro-voltage and ink drop technologies enhance color accuracy, vibrancy and richness.

Shenzhen ChuanShengDa Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to offering the best printing solutions by leveraging technological innovation. The A600DTF, the latest proof of this commitment is ERASMART continuing to lead the industry with their consistently high-quality and innovate products.

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