Innovation Is At The Heart Of Nur Ink’s Digital Inks

There is plenty of innovation occurring in the ink industry, particularly on the digital printing side. For entrepreneurs, developing unique products provides opportunities for new business.

This is the approach being taken by Moshe Nur at Nur Ink Innovations, his latest start-up venture, which he began in 2018. Nur is best known for starting a wide range of companies, including Nur Macroprinters, Kornit Digital and Outform, and his latest business continues his expertise in digital printing.

With Nur Ink Innovations, Nur is focusing on digital inks. Digital Sol-Gel, its core technology, is a water-based pigmented digital ink based on advanced 3D cross linking chemistry. These inks can be used on a wide range of applications, including direct-to-garment (DTG), direct-to-textile (DTT), roll-to-roll printing of indoor and outdoor advertising and wallpaper.

The company also adopted a different business model, solely producing private label inks for its OEM partners.

Eliav Priel, Nur Ink’s business development manager, noted that Nur Ink Innovations is the latest startup venture of the NUR group of companies, and has built a team of experts to create its innovative inks.

“Nur Ink Innovations’ team of professionals brings well over 80 accumulated years of knowledge and experience in the development of inks for the digital printing market,” said Priel. “Our R&D team includes top-class chemists with vast experience in material engineering, physical chemistry and more, with proven track records. Our technology and products are protected by pending patents.

“The company was founded with a vision to develop and then manufacture unique water-based pigment inks, for implementation in diverse applications and digital printing technologies,” Priel added. “Our business model is 100% OEM private label, meaning that our products are targeted at and sold to printer manufacturers, not to end users nor to distributors or resellers. At the end of the day, our products are sold under the printer manufacturers’ brand, as their own product.”

Priel observed that all of Nur Ink’s products are designed for inkjet digital printing, with no analog or traditional printing inks.

“Within the digital printing industry, we focus on the following markets,” said Priel. “Textile (fashion, interior décor, direct-to-garment), wide format (signage, outdoor and indoor advertising), packaging (corrugated carton, plastic-based packaging), wallpaper, and white water-based pigment dispersion.”

In addition to receiving GOTS 7 and OekoTex Eco-Passport standards certifications, Nur Ink’s R&D team has developed characteristics for their inks that differentiate the inks from competitors.

These include disruptive features, such as lower curing temperatures compared to other inks, allowing for printing directly on to dark synthetic fabrics, eliminating the notorious “dye migration” phenomena, or offering greater than 500% elongation. Another development is the creation of a single ink that prints on all fabrics. Priel noted that Nur Ink puts major emphasis on innovation and service.

“As ‘Innovations’ is part of our name, one may understand that this is one of our main emphasis and focus,” said Priel. “All of our current products and for sure our future products are all innovative. We strongly believe that this is one of the main factors that justified founding the company and at the same time – one of the main factors that brought us to where we are at today.

“In terms of service, since our business model is pure OEM private label, we support our customers who are the printer manufacturers, while in return, they (the printer manufacturers) service and support their customers,” Priel added.

These advances are helping Nur Ink grow its presence in the industry.

“During August 2023, we signed our first major OEM ink supply agreement with a European textile printer manufacturer,” Priel reported. “By the end of 2025, our goal is to sign two to four more OEM ink supply agreements, receive final approval to three to four patent applications and becoming profitable.

Nur Ink Innovations

20, Hamelacha Street Afek

Industrial Park Rosh

Ha’Ayin, 4809154 Israel


[email protected]

Major Products: Private label water-based pigmented digital inks for direct-to-garment (DTG), direct-to-textile (DTT), roll-to-roll printing of indoor and outdoor advertising and wallpaper.

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