Is DTF Better than DTG Printing?

Printing methods have taken over the world and probably the most splendid choices at the moment are rising: DTF direct to movie and a bit previous one, direct to garment. These two printing strategies and opponents of one another and even for us it turns into troublesome to decide on one. Each of them have their professionals and cons.

 So, earlier than losing any extra time, let’s dig into this data and know the numerous variations between them. 

What’s DTF Printing?

DTF, or direct-to-film printing, is an upgraded model of printing that makes use of a selected DTF printer just like the Epson SureColor F3070. The design is printed on a movie after which the movie transfers the print to the material with a warmth press.  DTF is understood for its versatility, permitting for detailed and colourful prints on varied forms of materials.

What’s DTG Printing?

DTG, or Direct to Garment printing, is a technique the place designs are printed straight onto cloth utilizing superior inkjet know-how. This system is glorified for producing vibrant, full-color prints on clothes. It presents a delicate and comfy really feel. DTG is extensively used within the customized attire trade, providing the flexibility to deliver digital designs to life with readability and precision.

Distinction Between DTF and DTG

Here’s a fast overview of the key variations between the 2 contenders. 

Print High quality

DTF is understood for its distinctive print decision. It offers a stage of element that’s exhausting to match. The prints are sharp and vibrant and supply a large colour gamut. However DTG produces high-quality prints, and the extent of element might not match that of DTF. Nonetheless, it excels in reproducing complicated and multicolored designs with finesse.


Direct-to-film printing is flexible and you need to use it on a wide range of materials, together with cotton, polyester, and blends, with flexibility in materials selections. You can even customise your favourite print with dtfprintingny.

Whereas DTG is handiest on 100% cotton materials, and nevertheless, developments have prolonged its capabilities to some extent, DTF stands above by way of materials versatility.

Manufacturing Velocity

If we speak in regards to the manufacturing pace, then the DTF movie switch course of is quick as a result of the garment doesn’t want pre-treatment.

The second alternative is a bit slower because of the pre-treatment course of wanted for sure materials, however developments have improved its pace over time.

Printing Course of

In DTF printing, the design is first printed on a specialised movie. After printing, the movie is utilized to the material utilizing a warmth press. After that, you may see a gorgeous switch design onto the fabric.

DTG printing entails the direct utility of ink onto the material by means of an inkjet printer. The ink is absorbed by the fibers of the garment, making a seamless integration of the design with the material.

Colour Replica

Each supply vibrant colours however on the subject of DTF the colour gamut is extensive. Plus the method permits for intricate particulars and sharp, vivid colours, which make it appropriate for designs with numerous colour necessities.

DTG colour replica might not match the depth and vary achievable with DTF. Nonetheless, DTG is great at dealing with complicated, multicolored designs.

Cloth Compatibility

DTF is flexible and suitable with varied cloth sorts, together with cotton, polyester, and blends. This flexibility in materials compatibility makes it appropriate for a variety of purposes.

DTG is handiest on 100% cotton materials. Though developments have expanded its capabilities to some extent, DTF holds an edge by way of versatility throughout totally different supplies.


Each are sturdy, DTG prints longevity relies on elements like the standard of pre-treatment and the kind of cloth. Usually, correct care and upkeep are important for preserving the vibrancy of DTG prints over time.

DTF prints are additionally sturdy, particularly on the subject of wash resistance. The movie switch course of ensures that the design adheres firmly to the material. It leads to prints that face up to a number of wash cycles with out important fading or deterioration.

Remaining Verdict

Within the textile printing trade, selecting between DTF and DTG relies on particular mission necessities. If you happen to want utmost print element and flexibility throughout varied materials are essential, DTF stands out. Nonetheless, for vibrant, multicolored designs on 100% cotton clothes, DTG stays a robust contender.

Finally, the decision lies within the fingers of the printer, the material, and the specified final result. You may customise the print in any possibility. So, share your expertise with us within the feedback. 

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