Peak Drift Brewing Company launches digital can printing system

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Jason Snyder, Vice President of Sales and Operations with Peak Drift Brewing Company, says their new 17-ton printing program they’re calling “Peak Press” allows the brewery to directly print graphics onto cans — making the cans 100% recyclable.

Greg Middleton, co-owner of Peak Drift Brewing Company, says this also allows Peak Drift to print, fill, and package their beverages in the same facility, adding, “And so there’s just a lot more options, and being able to do all that in house without the beer having to leave or go outside, it’s certainly a lot easier.”

Snyder and Middleton say digital printing is also safer for the environment than traditional labels or shrink-wraps — which are not recyclable unless the plastic is cut off, or burned off, of the can.

“Once we started looking into the sustainability of having the can printer, and we started understanding the shrink-wrap and how its not recyclable like we thought it was, that’s why we said ‘Yea, we’ve got to do this, we’ve got to make this available to more craft breweries so they’re not having to shrink-wrap their cans.”

Middleton says the $4 million digital printer allows Peak Drift to fill significantly smaller orders for customers who may not have the funds to order from a larger manufacturer — that oftentimes requires a minimum of five truck loads of cans be ordered at a time.

Snyder says that by allowing smaller orders, it allows for commemorative and creative events such as weddings or festivals.

“What really gives us the ability and what makes this thing extra unique, is what we can do for retailers and events. So recently we did a can as part of a test series, we did a special commemorative can for the Rosewood Crawfish Festival, we’ve done stuff for the Therapy Place 5k, and we’ve got some upcoming things. It allows us to be very flexible. Most breweries can’t do that,” says Snyder.

The brewery got its start in December 2022 and for now, Peak Drift products are available at restaurants, bars, and stores across the Midlands — with plans to open a restaurant and pub at its North Main Street location in the next year or so.

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