PI Ceramic: 30 Years of Excellence in Piezo Transducer, Actuator, and Motor Design & Production

Advanced piezoceramic subsystems and components with new piezotransducer options for sensing or ultrasound applications.

PI Ceramic is a subsidiary company of precision motion control specialist PI. In 2022, PI Ceramic celebrated its 30th anniversary and continues to offer world-class miniaturized and standard piezoceramic products such as piezo ring, piezo benders and micro piezo tube, micro disks and shear transducer plate. Piezo components are essential for industries such as 3D printing and digital printing, industrial automation, medical engineering, or medical engineering. Founded in 1992, PI Ceramic (PIC), was established as a subsidiary by PI (Physik Instrumente). It started with a few employees who were all experts in the field.

Continuous Growth, 3rd Expansion

Two years after its inception, the PI Ceramic staff moved into a new facility that was specifically built for them. The company grew due to the constant global demand for high-performance piezoceramic actuators, transducers and motors manufactured at PIC. More than 80,000 square feet was added to the manufacturing and office areas in the most recent expansion, which took place in 2020.

NASA: Compact Piezo Actuators That Survive 100 Billillion Cycles without Failures
PIC invented a new piezo material in the early 2000s and a process to make multilayer piezo-actuator actuators. PIC’s ceramic-encapsulated actuators, which are based on several innovative ideas, can offer significantly longer service lives than traditional polymer-coated piezoelectric actuators. NASA tested several actuators to identify the best performing ones. PI Ceramic’s PICMA® actuators had passed 100 Billion Cycles of life tests without failure and degradation and got selected.

Future Applications and Markets for Lead-Free Piezoceramic Material
PI Ceramic’s expertise in acoustic designs, including piezo-transducer spheres or hemispheres, and the portfolio of ultrasonic applications will continue expanding. PI Ceramic’s material specialists are already investing in intensive research to develop lead-free piezoceramic or composite transducers.

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