Procolored launches DTF-330 Printer – The best printer for Print on Demand businesses.

The Procolored DTF330 Printer introduces a new method of printing that can be used with a wider variety of fabrics.

Procolored is pleased to present its DTF-330 Printer. It has been rated the best printer for print-on demand businesses. The innovative printing machine boasts a distinctive appearance and color along with cutting-edge capabilities. Procolored DTF330 printer, a next-generation T-shirt printer, is now on sale.

The creator economy has seen a significant increase in print-on-demand businesses. One of the most popular ways to make money from creator audiences is through t-shirt printing. As a popular fashion item, printed tshirts have been on the rise in the US. As T-shirts became an everyday fashion item for women and men, as well as children, they were a popular choice. There are many opportunities to sell them.

T-shirt printing has seen a rise in demand because of the popularity of creator merchandise. However, the evolving printing technology has also helped to increase its popularity. Print-on-demand is booming thanks to the rise of direct-to-garment (DTG), screen printing, as well as other techniques. Direct To Film (DTF), the latest printing technique, is now available. This printing technology is highly acclaimed for its innovative printing technology.

Sublimation printing and direct to film (DTF), are heat transfer methods. The latest technology, DTF, allows digital transfers to be made on dark and light tees using natural fibers like silk, cotton, polyester, blends of leather, nylon, and many others. Sublimation printing refers to a chemical process that converts a solid into a gas, without ever having to go through the liquid stage. 

So, what’s the difference? DTF printing uses transfer paper to transfer the image onto fabric. Sublimation printing, on the other hand uses sublimation paper. DTF transfer produces photo-quality images and is superior to sublimation. With the fabric’s higher polyester content, the image quality is more impressive and better. DTF printing is more comfortable than sublimation printing because the fabric is soft to touch. Both methods require different heat temperatures and transfer times.

Procolored shares the DTF printing technology’s potential to revolutionize the t-shirt industry. It can even print with white ink which is less expensive than DTG printing. More people are now abandoning silk screen, DTG, and dye sublimation for DTF’s unique capabilities. DTG printing has many advantages, but DTF printing offers additional benefits, such as easy application, durability, and application to a wide range of materials.

Procolored DTF-330 Printer

Procolored is pleased to announce its desktop printer for t shirt businesses, due to the growing popularity of DTF printing. The DTF330 tshirt printer supports a maximum transfer width of 13 inches. This is a larger space than the A3, which covers 11.8inches. Procolored tee-shirt printers are compatible with professional PRO RIP software. DTF A3+ is simpler to use than DTG printing and requires no pretreatment.

The DTF-330 has many advantages

–  The printing platform has an adsorption function, and the platform is made of a whole steel plate, which has good stability and will not be deformed and affect printing

–  The newly designed film feeding chamber, compared with the previous machine, is easier to operate the roll film into the machine manually

–  Brand-new mainboard design, reducing many error reports of the machine

The upgrade to the Procolored DTF330 printer increases printing speeds by as much as 60%. It is a revolution in printing technology for businesses. It is simple to set up and doesn’t require any maintenance.

Procolored’s new DTF model makes it easier for creators and designers to create custom t-shirts and have the printing done exactly how they want. The DTF-330 Printer guarantees the perfect mix of colors, techniques, prices. Procolored is committed to being a leader in the development of printing technologies that simplify design and printing for businesses. Procolored is dedicated to offering the highest quality products, technical support, and affordable pricing.

You can read more about Procolored DTF330 printers here.

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