Ricoh adds DTF capability to DTG machines

Ricoh has made new retrofittable technology available for its Ri 1000 and Ri 2000 direct-to-garment (DTG) printers that will enable them to also output using the direct-to-film (DTF) method.

DTF allows pre-printed designs to transfer to garments without needing to be pre-heated using heat transfer technology. For quick application, designs can be stored on PET film as ready-to-go transfer film.

Ricoh explained that this process allows companies to print on a wider array of fabrics than DTG. It is also suitable for corporate branding items like umbrellas and backpacks.

Its high fastness at heavy duty washing cycles and high durability makes it suitable for polyester-based applications, such as workwear and sportswear, while its “very soft and flexible results” also meet the Oeko-Tex standard.

Ricoh says the ColorGate Textile Productionserver V21.1 software supports the new function. It processes graphically rich artwork from creative apps. Ricoh purchased ColorGate in 2018. 

Ricoh Europe head of textile solutions, Graphic Communications Group, Axel Stuhlreiter said: “The innovative technology enhances the versatility and flexibility of Ricoh’s leading DTG printers.

“In just a few simple steps they can be transformed to enable DTF printing on a wide range of materials and deliver a greater variety of applications. The fast and simple process achieves highly creative results quickly and affordably.”

The DTF feature is compatible with all hardware and requires no additional hardware.

Existing Ri 1000 and Ri 2000 users only need to update their bundled ColorGate software, and this will then enable their machines “to interchange seamlessly” between DTG and DTF printing.

Retrofit capability is provided free of cost to existing Ri 1000 or Ri 2000 owners, who are ColorGate Value Pack subscribers. However, all users will need to purchase the adhesive powder or glue and the film sheets necessary for the DTF process.

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