The Best Food Clothing and Restaurant Merch Gifts

Whether they’re a devoted regular of a local dive, or they simply enjoy showing their general enthusiasm for foods like shrimp and dumplings, some people just can’t stop wearing their love for food on their sleeves. There are many merchandise options for both restaurant and home cooks. They can choose from jewelry, clothing, and accessories that feature the ingredient they most identify with. Plus, if the past few years has taught us anything, it’s that if you love a food brand, there is guaranteed to be a capsule collection of bomber jackets in the not-so-distant future.

Let us help you find the perfect gourmand garment for your loved ones. Crocs with croissant charms These gifts can be used as a bagels market tote, or they can be outfitted with food garb for any occasion.

A crock with food-colored jibbitz

Shoes that look good enough to eat

Whether you’re looking to get something for a long-time Croc devotee or a new Croc convert, you’re likely aware that there’s a strong need for them to keep upping their jibbitz (aka the charms that fit into your Croc air holes) game once they’ve got a pair. The Peach Fuzz — based out of San Francisco — is here to help, with friendly pierogi, waffles, and corncob jibbitz they can attach to their Crocs, like some sort of beautiful, chaotic buffet.

A black T-shirt that says “VERSAUSAGE”

The T-shirt for your most fashionable and sausage-crazed friend

This Seemore Sausage branded Tshirt combines high fashion with excellent sausage. It’s the best gift for the family member who can’t get enough of Seemore’s broccoli melt or chicken parm sausages, or one who just loves a cheeky portmanteau.

A long-sleeved T-shirt with an illustration of grapes, a bread loaf and a glass of wine

The perfect shirt for the “food and drink enthusiast”

If you’re reading’s holiday gift guide, you’re almost certainly a food and drink enthusiast, so why not buy yourself (or a friend, This holiday season, how about a shirt that speaks volumes? Artist Lauren Martin’s long-sleeved tee comes complete with a full picnic spread illustration on the back, just in case they didn’t get the message from the front.

A crocheted tote with the word “BAGELS”

A bagel bag

This tote, which is expertly sized for at least a dozen bagels and crocheted in Bolivia, was made by a Fair Trade women-owned company. Possum sells an “oyster” tote, too, but this one simply states what I, at least, am always thinking about: bagels.

A tote bag with a sandwich-inspired design

This is a carry-all for sandwiches toppings and other less important items.

Just like the clear backpacks they make you bring to festivals, this open sandwich puffer bag is the perfect gift for someone who likes everyone to know what they’ve got on them, at least if they’re the type to pack a bunch of sandwiches to the beach or a road trip.

A pair of brown shorts with red embroidery reading “Pie Eating Champion”

The shorts are for the true winner of your life

Everyone has a friend group that has one: the person who can eat more dessert than you any day. Officially grant them the title of “Pie Eating Champion” with a pair of Fashion Brand Company shorts. They are also stretchy at the waistband, which allows for additional slices.

A button-down Turkey and the Wolf T-shirt

A shirt for the friend who loves restaurant merch — but keeps it classy

This button-up is perfect for the loved one who will eat anything for a Turkey & Wolf sandwich but isn’t inclined to wear T-shirts from restaurants. It shows their loyalty and keeps it jazzy. Add a pair of matching shorts to make it a truly special gift.

A woman in a dress with a food print

For frolicking in fields, a dress that is suitable

Don’t be alarmed if the friend you buy this dress for gets really into foraging or quits their job to work on a farm. Samantha Pleet, a New York designer, created this whimsical tribute to the harvest.

A necklace with a tinned fish charm

This necklace is incredibly trendy

Tinned fish is all the rage, with Fishwife — a female-owned company that sources ethically sustainable seafood — leading the charge. Have a friend who has stopped cooking and eats only tinned fish boards for dinner. This Susan Alexandra Fishwife necklace is available in bronze and pearly chains.

A blue hat with the word BURRATA

A hat that celebrates every Italian-food lover within each of us

A sweet gift is one that keeps your gift recipient’s head warm, and this option from Samuel Schiffer’s Mister Parmesan is playful and attractive to boot. Mister Parmesan offers over half a dozen pasta shapes for those who prefer spaghetti or linguine to cheese.

A red and blue shirt with a mushroom motif

The shirt for the friend who talks about the power and beauty of fungi all the time

Willow Smith wore this cozy button-down in terry cloth with mushrooms embossed on the sleeves. This is the perfect gift for someone who is obsessed with microdosing, and how mushrooms will save the earth (they will).).

A wide-brimmed blue hat

This hat is perfect for fashion lovers who also love to fish.

Onggi, a Portland-based fermentation shop, has some adorable merch. This Ty Williams-designed fishing hat just takes the cake — or ferments the kombucha, as it were. This will be the new fermentation hat for your loved one, who is constantly talking about their starter and kimchi.

A “First Generation” cookbook and T-shirt

A T-shirt with matching cookbook

Food blogger Frankie Gaw published his first cookbook — First Generation: Recipes from My Taiwanese American Home — in October, and now you can buy the Frankie Gaw fan in your life a T-shirt and cookbook bundle, so they can cook Gaw’s recipes for Lap Cheong Corn Dogs while sporting a dumpling eating a hamburger. A match made in heaven.

Benihana velvet slippers

Pair of luxury slippers

For the person on your list whose tastes are constantly changing, a pair of dressed-up velvet slippers embroidered with a Benihana chef’s hat are bound to become a rare closet classic. The shoes from Italian-made loafer brand Del Toro celebrate the teppanyaki restaurant’s success, nearly 60 years after it first opened. Bonus: Ten percent of proceeds from the shoes are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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