Weekly Recap: INX Digital, Mexar And Hubergroup Top This Week’s Stories

Here is Ink World’s weekly recap—the most viewed news stories on our site for the week ended May 29, 2023.

Paul Edwards being named INX’s Digital Division vice president was the most read story this week, followed by my online exclusive on Mexar and its pigment-based digital textile inks. hubergroup Print Solutions’ restructuring of its UV poly/tin offset portfolio came in third, followed by FESPA announcements by EFI and Fujifilm.

The top five most popular stories of the past seven days are listed below:

1. Paul Edwards joins INX as Digital Division Vice President 

2. Mexar’s Emphasis on Pigment-Based Digital Textile Inks Pays Off 

Hubergroup Print Solutions Restructures UV Poly/Tin Portfolio

4. EFI to Highlight New Innovations in FESPA 2023

5. Fujifilm announces brand-new Acuity Prime hybrid printer at FESPA 2020

We appreciate you reading our Breaking News. Next Saturday, we’ll be back with a brand new list.

Enjoy your week!

Dave Savastano


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