Azonprinter’s New Azon Pronto UV

Azonprinter has just lately put in the marketplace a brand new resolution to their DTF household – Azon Pronto UV.

UV Pronto DTF printer prints straight on particular movie and cures the ink with a UV lamp. The movie is self-adhesive, and it makes use of two forms of movie within the course of. First it’s printed on one movie, and afterwards it’s completed with the usage of laminating machine making use of the opposite movie onto the print out. Ultimately, the movies are separated manually, and the print out is utilized to any sort of floor of any form, and it’s water-proof.

It may be broadly used for label show of wines, cosmetics, bins and different merchandise. The movie printed with UV DTF has glorious bodily and chemical properties reminiscent of alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, solar resistance, and oxidation resistance, which is best than conventional stickers reminiscent of waterproof paper, artwork paper and aluminized paper.

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