Black Friday 3D printer deals 2022: today’s best sales on 3D printing hardware and materials

This year has brought a lot of innovation and refinement to the 3D printing industry. These innovations have improved print quality, speed, and reliability. 3D printers. There are a lot of Black Friday 3D printer deals available today, as the next generation of printers began to be teased.

FFF printers, or entry-level fused filament fabrication machines (or FFF printers), are still the most widely used format. These printers use molten plastic filament that is extruded through an extruder to create layers of the model. This printer is affordable and reliable. It’s perfect for beginners. If this is what you’re looking for, we recommend checking out the Creality Ender and Anycubic Kobra series. 

If you are looking for absolute quality, a resin printer will be the right choice. Stereolithography printers (known as SLA printers) utilize a photosensitive resin that’s exposed layer by layer to create the final model. Although this printer is capable of printing more intricate and detailed prints, it takes longer to set up and can cause more mess. Black Friday is a great time to shop, and we chose the exceptional. Anycubic Photon Mono X 6K

The hardware will be the main focus of the event. But don’t forget about the materials. Many manufacturers offer their own materials solutions. But ColorFabb has a wide range of high-quality filaments available in a variety of colors and materials. 

See our guide to the best Black Friday discounts for more information.

Black Friday: The Best 3D Printer Deals in the USA

Black Friday: The Best 3D Printer Deals in the UK

3D printer material deals

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