Did Beyoncé Borrow Jay-Z’s Clothes For Their Date Night?

Despite garnering an impressive eight nominations for the 2023 Grammy Awards, Beyoncé has been laying low in recent weeks. Jay-Z and Beyonce went on Sunday night to Giorgio Baldi for a romantic evening. The singer wore a navy pleated tennis skirt and strappy heels to the event. She also wore a Whitney Museum merch tee with a long-sleeve. 

While Bey is one to make trends, not chase them, the look fits in with fashion’s ongoing obsession with tennis. Miu Miu, who has been a prolific seller of court-ready skirts, recently took over a local tennis club. What’s great about this tonal look is how Queen Bey pairs the preppy garment with a more streetwear-minded screen-print tee from one of America’s finest and most enduring museums. It’s the perfect mix of high and low. 

The star was wearing Whitney Merch, but Eagle-eyed fans saw it. This tee features a 1975 Andy Warhol skull design. It is rare and hard to find online. Honestly, I have spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to find the same tee online today—to absolutely no success. Jay-Z was spotted by one person online wearing the same tee in another, older picture, suggesting that maybe this is a wonderful “What’s yours is mine” moment for the couple. Stars! They’re just like us. 

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