Procolored Empowering Small Print-on-Demand Businesses with Sophisticated DTF Printers

Procolored, a China-based leader in top-of the-line printer products and technology, is an international retailer. The recently launched flagships A3 & A4 DTF printer products have revolutionized the POD market, offering small businesses superior performance and cost-effectiveness.

The global market for print-on-demand is rapidly growing and will surpass $4.90 Billion in value by 2021. Procolored has the answer for entrepreneurs and young businesses looking to capitalize on the lucrative opportunities offered by this industry. 

Procolored is China’s premier retailer of printing products, offering an eclectic catalog comprised of some of the finest UV & DTF printers, DTF Transfer printers, and printing accessories. Procolored has shifted its focus on refining and improving its direct-to film (DTF) technologies. It now offers its flagships to small business across the globe. 

The company’s Single Head A4 Direct to Film Printer comes available at a highly approachable price and was specifically designed to give emerging POD businesses the much-needed edge over their competition. 

Powered by a range of advanced technologies, Procolored’s A4 Single Head Printer is considered among the best DTF printers the current market has to offer. It prints faster than A3 direct to film printers. Furthermore, it consumes less ink per print cycle, increasing its cost-efficiency. 

According to Procolored’s technicians, the A4 DTF Printer can complete a single sheet-print cycle within only two to four minutes. PRO RIP software is included, which allows for multi-image printing and supports a wide range of printing patterns. 

Lightweight and exquisitely portable, Procolored’s A4 is the best DTF printer for small businesses that want to become more familiar with DTF technology and explore the benefits it has to offer. 

Procolored is the leading retailer of DTF printers in boutiques. Procolored also has a range of professional printer products. The Single Head DTF printer, the flagship Single Head A3+ DTF printer, is an upgraded version of the popular Single Head A3. It boasts a wide range of improvements. 

According to the manufacturer’s details, one of the most prominent upgrades to Procolored’s A3+ DTF Printer is the “anti-scratch function, which can prevent the film from scratching the printhead, and the ink tanks are hidden inside the machine, which makes the ink smell significantly harder to spread. It won’t take up a lot of space due to its compact design.”

The A3+ Direct to Film Printer was specifically designed to work in conjunction with the highly acclaimed PRO RIP program. This allows users to seamlessly work on multiple designs. The printer’s lightning-fast printing speed is one of its main benefits. It is capable of surpassing the print speeds of DTF printers of comparable quality by sixty percent. 

While being perfect for professionals, Procolored’s Single Head A3+ DTF Printer is also an excellent choice for small and medium-sized brands. The simple setup and easy printing process make it extremely user-friendly and accessible for beginners.

More information about Procolored and its products is available on the company’s official website.

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