Procolored Showcased its Innovative Printers and Patent Technology at ISA Expo

Procolored, a prominent name in DTF printing, presented their latest offerings during the ISA Expo. The company’s stand was a highlight at the expo with live demonstrations on their innovative printers. This article gives a detailed look at Procolored’s printers, technology and the experiences visitors had at their booth.

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Procolored’s innovative and high quality printing solutions are well known. Anyone interested in the latest developments within the printing industry should visit the company’s stand at the ISA Expo.

Procolored’s Innovative Printing
Procolored’s range innovative printers, on display at the ISA Expo, included:

Procolored DTF printer: Procolored’s Direct-to Film (DTF), was a big attraction at the Expo. Visitors were impressed with its ability to print vibrant, high-quality images on a wide range of substrates including cotton, nylon and polyester. The Procolored DTF is designed to produce vibrant, durable, high-quality prints that can be washed and last a long time.

Procolored 2-in-1 UVDTF Printer – Procolored’s A3 dual heads UV DTF laminating 11.8″ printer is another attractive product. High resolution, versatility and speed are all key features that make this a good choice for any business looking to improve productivity and profitability.

Procolored UV printer: Procolored’s UV printer, which is capable of printing on wood, metal, plastic and other substrates was also displayed.

Patent Technology by Procolored

Procolored Anti Clogging Technology: Procolored’s Anti Clogging Technology was the highlight of many visitors. Its ability to prevent clogging of printer nozzles and ensure smooth and consistent print was impressive.

Procolored’s White Ink System Circulation System was also a big hit, as visitors admired the system’s ability to stop white ink from setting, and ensure that prints were always bright and vibrant.

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Procolored’s commitment and excellence were on full display in their booth at the ISA Expo. Procolored is a leader in the printing industry because of their one-stop shop approach. Their range of products and service will impress visitors to the ISA Expo. Procolored’s range of products and services includes everything from substrates to inks to printers.

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