Metcase Wall-mount enclosures now available In custom sizes


DATAMET enclosures can now be ordered in custom lengths, widths, or depths due to their elegant front bezel design.

These robust, intelligent aluminum enclosures are suitable for many applications, including factory processing, control systems, security, machine control and measurement. DATAMET provides complete access to electronic components metcaseDuring installation and maintenance. You can remove the screws holding the U-shaped top sections of the panel and bezel by unscrewing them. After access, the top can then be refitted – securing the
Bezel, which is recessed for protection controls.

The holes in the L-shaped rear/base section, which is attached to the wall, can be used for mounting PCBs or internal mounting plates. Mounting cable glands and connectors to the underside is possible. Four M4 earth screws are located inside. All fixings are included in the box.

DATAMET is available in three standard sizes from 9.84×7.08×4.58 in to 15.75×11.81×4.58 in. The standard colors include light gray (RAL 7035), window gray (RAL 7040), and black (RAL 905). On demand, all dimensions can be adjusted to suit the customer’s specific requirements. On request, special colors and combinations can be made. Accessory items include fixing screws, front panels and a mounting kit for a PCB. You can also customize the product.
DATAMET has many options including custom front panels and CNC machining, fixings, inserts and painting, as well as photo-quality digital printing graphics, legends, logos.

METCASE division OKW Enclosures, Inc., 3000 Old Pond Road, Bridgeville, PA 1517, Phone: 412 220 9224, Fax: (412 220 99247, Email: [email protected],

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