One of the last independent web printers in B.C. is dedicated to freedom of the press

Web Express believes everyone should have the chance to speak through print

Web Express has been an innovator in sustainable, local commercial printing since 1997.

Web Express, British Columbia’s community printer, is home to over 250 publications in more than 20 languages.

This full-service printer can be used for web and digital printing, binding, mail, and shipping. The unique facility allows for quick production, low waste printing, superior quality and timely distribution from the central location in Metro Vancouver.

“We take care of 95% of everything in house, which gives us a lot of control over delivery dates and more,” general manager Vic Noble says.

The Web Express team makes printing simple, from design through printing, binding, distribution, and shipping. Web Express can produce jobs in-house, which gives customers the fastest turnaround time.

Web Express produces many local newspapers throughout Metro Vancouver.

The printer’s social purpose is to support liberty, democracy, and community through freedom speech.

Web Express was part of the Social Purpose Innovators Program at the Social Purpose Institute, United Way. It defined its mission.

“It’s important that we still have freedom of expression in Canada,” Noble says.

“We try to offer that for the community and people of British Columbia. We can help with printing and getting your message out. We don’t censor. We will print almost anything as long as it’s legal.”

Web Express believes that everyone has a right to a voice and uses print to empower all. The printing company believes that every person deserves to be heard through the trusted medium, printed words.

Web Express does not support hate speech or illegal propagandism. Web Express believes that independent media is one the most important pillars to democracy.

Web Express is committed to printing being easy. Photo by Web Express

Web Express has had the opportunity to work with the BC Civil Liberties Association (BC Civil Liberties Association), Pivot Foundation and Canada Helps. Fair Vote Canada is another example.

The printing company is also sustainability focused—their annual sustainability report outlines various environmental impacts from how many trees have been conserved to how many gallons of water have been saved over the year.

“Everyone is concerned about their impact on the environment,” Noble says.

“While certain things can’t be helped when you’re in the printing business, we try our best to minimize our impact.”

Web Express offers more than community printing. They also offer the Real Estate Print Shop which is a full-service commercial printing and mailing business that specializes in direct mail to real estate agents. They offer wholesale pricing to realtors.

To learn more and to request a quote for all your printing needs, visit


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