Vibrantz Technologies to sell Dip-Tech digital printer business to Kerajet

Vibrantz Technologies announced the sale of its Dip-Tech Ltd. subsidiary, based in Israel, to Kerajet S.A. The sale does NOT include digital ink. The deal is expected closing within 60 days.

“This sale allows Vibrantz to redouble our focus on the production and development of digital inks for Kerajet and other digital printer manufacturers,” said D. Michael Wilson, Vibrantz president and chief executive officer. “It also helps ensure our unmatched glass expertise and capabilities continue to grow in support of the digital printing market.”

“Kerajet’s expertise in the ceramics market and two decades of experience in digital printers well positions the company to take over Dip-Tech’s digital printer business,” added Matthias Bell, president of Performance Coatings at Vibrantz.

Dip-Tech customers will be provided with additional information by Vibrantz upon closing the transaction. Customers can continue to transact as usual with Dip-Tech up until that point.

About Kerajet
Kerajet, a Spanish company founded in 1998, is a top designer and manufacturer for advanced digital printers. Its headquarters are in Castellon. To learn more, visit

Vibrantz Technologies
Vibrantz, a world leader in the supply of specialty chemicals is committed to bringing color, performance and vibrancy into your life. Our products and technologies have been used by over 11,000 customers and are now part of many consumer products. Vibrantz holds key positions in the areas of color technology, glass and ceramic science, particle engineering and glass and ceramic science. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has 65+ manufacturing locations on six continents. Visit for more information.

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