How 1 bedding components company will jump into sustainable mattres

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. – In a move to develop sleep solutions that offer true circularity, 441-year-old company Piana Technology has created a new division that will manufacture mattresses that have a compelling end-of-life-story.

The new division – Piana Sleep – will roll out its line of circular mattresses this summer. The idea is to create foam-free mattresses which can be returned at the end of their lifespan and the individual components are recycled, upcycled or sanitized and then turned into new Piana products.

The move is part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing waste in the bedding industry.

“Piana sleep’s strategy is to manufacture products that revolve around sustainability with a truly circular design,” said Silvia Galasso, who was recently promoted to the executive vice president of Piana Sleep. Silvia Galasso joined the company in 2013 as vice-president of operations. “The mattresses are meant to come back to us at the end of life, and we can then use our materials to produce new products.”

Piana Technology produces technologies and components for the circular mattress line. Piana Sleep, on the other hand, is the unit that makes finished mattresses. All components are breathable and free from toxic chemicals and odors.

“We are an innovation company at our core, offering proprietary fiber-based performance products and components that guarantee comfort, personalization, and a cool night’s sleep,” Galasso said. “Our commitment to sustainability powers us with purpose and fuels our passion for innovation and for finding new technologies that can transform the way we sleep today”.

The company will start with mattresses, and then add pillows and toppers.

Piana Sleep is launching its mattress range by targeting a few select retailers and the hospitality industry.

“We want to join forces with a select group of retail partners that share our vision of sustainability and circularity; those that want to lead the change,” Galasso said. “We can give them the tools to do that and to be the first in the marketplace with an innovative product that truly helps keep mattresses out of landfills.”

Chris Henning, a veteran of the industry, has been appointed vice president for business development. Henning is under the direction of Galasso.

Henning has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and executive positions within the bedding industry, with companies such as Tempur Sealy International. King Koil. Dormeo. Henning was most recently president of North American Sales for Customatic Technologies.

“When it comes to sustainability, you have to have a company that is progressive, and that’s Piana Technology,” Henning said. “When it comes to sustainability, we’re seeing more and more of the younger generation gravitate toward products that check those boxes. We are on the front edge leading the charge.”

Piana Technology is a technology company that offers fiber-based solutions for multiple industries including automotive, bedding, furniture and medical. It has six facilities located in the U.S.A., Georgia and San Luiz in Arizona.

Piana Technology, founded in Biella in Italy in 1582, opened its first U.S. plant here in 1995. It provides nonwoven materials and fiber treatments as well as FR solutions and digital printing. They also provide steam molding and digital printing technology.

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